Penny Stock Brokers

To trade stocks, you just need an online discount broker.

You can take look at which ones are best in these reports we produced:

Infographic - Best Discount Brokers

Complete Discount Broker Rankings and Review

Learn which ones have the best commissions, policies, and tools for penny stocks and penny stock traders.

Penny Stock Brokers

The online brokers are not expensive. You can sign up online, and will be up and running within days.

However, when it comes to penny stocks, not all brokers are created equal.

Each broker has a different minimum amount required to open an account. Some will allow you to get set up with no money at all, while others ask you to deposit thousands up front.

Some brokers have a sliding commission scale, where you pay greater commissions if you have less in your account. For example, if you've only got five hundred dollars deposited with them, your commission rate is greater than somebody who has $20,000.

If you are a Peter Leeds subscriber, then you get to benefit from our extensive discount broker rankings. We research the brokers, and rank them based on "friendliness" towards trading penny stocks. We:

As well, for each broker we considered:

Out of this research, we came up with our official list of the "Top Penny Stock Friendly Brokers."

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