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Stocks which trade at a much lower cost, widely known as penny stocks or micro-caps, are available to the average investor. Trading anywhere within the range between 1 cent to $5, these shares provide exponential gains that are rarely available among bigger companies.

At one point, Ford and other marquee companies were penny stocks! While most low-priced shares are pretty bad companies, there are many which happen to be trading at low levels only because they are:


out of favor

a new or start-up company

yet to be discovered

just starting operations

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Leeds has been an industry pioneer for well over 12 years. An industry giant, Leeds makes his online newsletter available for $19/month, to help investors just like you benefit from trading penny stocks.

Peter Leeds began his investing career at 14 years old. Having learned from his first penny stock loss, he shares a carefully honed successful strategy for identifying quality stocks. With complete ethical professionalism, Leeds applies fundamental and technical analysis on stocks he thinks will perform well. His insights and skills are applied through his proprietary Leeds Analysis.

Leeds is a frequent guest on the nation's top financial news organizations. His analysis and expert advice have been aired by CBS, CNNfn, FOX, NBC, Russia Today, Associated Press, the Voice of Russia, and many others. See more about his widespread media coverage.

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