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Thanksgiving Opportunities in Penny Stocks

by Peter Leeds

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Expect light trading volumes this week, as many investors will be distracted by the Holidays.  However, don't get too complacent - as explained earlier in the articles linked below, this is a great time to start picking up some penny stock bargains.

3 Reasons for Thanksgiving Bargains in Penny Stocks

The January Effect Begins Now - Penny Stocks Rise

Yesterday's downing of a Russian fighter jet over Turkey does have ramifications on many penny stock companies, speaks to comments we had previously made.  Specifically, the region over Syria is getting far too crowded, with too much military hardware, and too many varying interests, in too tight of a space.

Whether accidental or intentional, there will be clashes and a whole lot of ego.  As we mentioned, even routine patrol exercises are overlapping, and drones are in the air like huge, metal mosquitos.  

This means there will be "events," and each one can have impacts on things such as:

  • gold prices and by extension gold mining penny stocks
  • military technology sales in specific penny stock companies
  • penny stocks in the combat simulation and training industry

These are examples, but for any major global events, there will be ripple effects and ramifications for many of the highest-quality, lowest-priced penny stocks around us.  These are the kinds of issues that the Peter Leeds penny stock team takes into consideration, and the types of penny stocks they profile to subscribers of Peter Leeds Penny Stocks.

In the mean time, aerial bombardment will be a convenient, albeit only partial solution to the stand against ISIS.  Without ground forces of some kind, years of dropping payloads from above will not turn the tide of the battle.  This has been proven many times in the past, as we discussed here.

The issue with "the new Vietnam" is that there really are few good solutions to troops on the ground.  The Syrian Army, the Iranians, the Kurds, the Turks, the Iraqi army... they each have their own issues and circumstances which may preclude them from involvement, or make them an unsuitable solution.

Meanwhile, the American people are war-weary, and most understand that boots on the ground would be a mistake... especially considering that is exactly what ISIS is hoping for.  In other words, get used to ISIS, they will be around for a long while.  


Check out some of our penny stock infographics, they'll help you learn quickly:

Important Aspects of Any Penny Stock

Should You Trade Penny Stocks?

Stay tuned to this official penny stocks blog.  We'll bring you the latest events, and analyze how they will influence you, the world around you, and your lowest-priced investments.