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Peter Leeds, The Penny Stock Professional
Markets will open higher and rise in early trading. Pre-markets are showing we should have a snap back after yesterday's weakness.
Intraday Trader And its going up. (y)
Peter Leeds, The Penny Stock Professional
Reporting earnings this week: Apple, Coca Cola, GM, Ford, McDonalds, Netflix, Visa, and lots more...
Austin Hagerty Long FORD
Craig King I would love to go long on Ford, but with the model change to aluminum on our money maker here and contract coming up for negotiations next year, it may be risky. I've worked here for years and I say go for it but don't be surprised if the company starts "doing bad" right around contract signing.
Peter Leeds, The Penny Stock Professional
13 Israeli Defence Forces Soldiers killed in a single attack, plus several others before that. Hundreds of Palestinians... mostly civilians. The same thing was going on decades ago too...

Malaysian Aircraft Shot Down Over Ukraine

by by

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After late night discussions with a friend in the US military, who we'll simply call 'a voice in the wind,' he mentioned some interesting consideration which I'll share with you.

First and foremost, he mentioned that the Sitzkrieg stalemate in Ukraine will take on an entirely new phase very soon.  Indeed, the current state of things can not be sustainable, and what the crisis looks like now will be very different than what it looks like in the coming months.

There has been no proof that Russia has had any involvement supporting the Eastern Ukranians.  This is not to say that they haven't been backing one side of the conflict, just that there has been no proof.  The US Administration can go on camera all they want to speak as if they do in fact have any evidence, but this is little different than:

- the WMD argument in the war against Iraq,
- the Gulf of Tonkin incident
- the Turkish government firing chemical weapons to make it look like the Syrian government was doing it (which was later revealed as the hoax it was)
- the Nazis burning the Reichstag as a means to outlaw other political parties
- Kristallnacht (Crystal Night) in order to launch their anti-semetic campaign
- or any other false flag operation we've routinely seen from our leaders
Let's just for a minute pretend that Russia has no control over the civil war in Ukraine (I think they do, but just for arguments sake...).  There is no way for Russia to get out of the situation where the U.S. just keeps piling on the sanctions.  So they are forced to do exactly what they did... which was:

Russia, India, Brazil, China, and Spain create their own reserve currency and International Central Bank.  This will serve as an alternative to the U.S. dollar, and be able to lend massive amounts of money to the underlying nations when needed.  It will also serve to strengthen ties and cooperation between the players involved.

Now a passenger plane with nearly 300 people has been shot down over Ukraine.  Before the U.S. has a chance to spin it like Russia is to blame, consider that the jet had just entered the far West of Ukraine, and was not yet near Russia.  The SAM was fired from Ukraine-held territory.  The plane was traveling at a height beyond the capabilities the surface to air missiles which the Eastern Ukraine rebels have.  Also, this would not be the first time Ukraine shot down a fully-loaded passenger jet by accident.  The last time they did not have the 'fog or war' defense to lean on.

Expect all sides to use this horrible incident to benefit their own arguments.  They will each blame the others, and use that as a reason take whatever steps they want.  Kind of like the Catholic Crusades, or the outbreak of the Great War on the heels of the Arch Duke assassination.

The result of the latest incident in Ukraine with the downing of the aircraft is that the markets tumbled, gold jumped, and oil prices reversed their recent slide.

Expect more sanctions to be leveled at Russia, and Russia to shrug them off and tighten ties with China and the other BRICS nations.

Even as I am writing this, the political spin doctors have started to twist the story to blame Russia as I type.  We will be brought by this incident deeper into the cold war days... whether or not Russia had ANYthing to do with the passenger plane which was accidentally shot down by Ukraine.  (disclosure - I am 50% of Ukrainian decent).

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