Our Penny Stocks Company

Give us a chance in the penny stock markets to help guide you.

We consider it an opportunity to earn your trust.

Don't Be Fooled!

Don't be fooled by all those "one man shows" in penny stocks!

• They ask for the money up front

• They charge for a year up front

• They don't answer a phone number

Remember that anyone can set up a web page about penny stocks, and they will say just about anything to snag you as their latest victim!

Our Penny Stocks Company

We have a full penny stocks team working for you. From analysis to editorial, customer service to publication, it's time you discovered the advantage that the Peter Leeds team provides.


Given the amount of research and analysis we undertake, the volume of information we produce, and the excellent customer service we provide, it really does take a full team to do it right.

Our company makes all the difference when we make our penny stock picks.

As a Peter Leeds subscriber, you benefit from our culture of hard work, perfectionism, and ethics. We are working overtime to earn your respect and trust, and everything we do is with you, our subscriber, in mind.

Keep in mind that our penny stock company was not built over night, but rather through the last 20 years of analyzing penny stocks, and getting our subscribers what they wanted.

In that time, we've earned the trust and respect of top media and our subscribers alike. When it comes to penny stocks, it is Peter Leeds and his team who have your results as a top priority.

What To Ask in Penny Stocks

• Why don't they have a phone number?

• Why don't they offer a monthly trial? (If they did, they know you would be disappointed in their service!)

• If they're so good, why haven't they ever had any media coverage? (This is because they can't substantiate their claims!)

In penny stocks, protect yourself, first and foremost. Never pay for any of these let-down penny stock services!

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