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The Facebook IPO was big news worldwide, so Russia Today called Peter Leeds to see if he would agree to be part of their broadcast to Moscow and worldwide. Peter explained how there was too much initial hype surrounding Facebook, and that after an initial spike, the shares would come down pretty hard. As anyone who watched the IPO now knows, Peter was exactly correct!

Watch real video testimonials about Peter Leeds and the penny stock pick newsletter. See what has gotten so many people excited about the penny stocks profiled by the Leeds team, and witness the results which they have attained.

When you are talking about Peter Leeds penny stocks, there is always room for more video testimonials! See what you are missing out on, and the benefits these women have experienced by investing with us.

One of the most important ways to protect yourself when investing in penny stocks is to always avoid the Pink Sheet stocks.

Another great way to sidestep the pitfalls in low-priced shares (and your privacy rights) is to never give out your e-mail to any of those free tip web sites.

Under all circumstances, avoid free penny stock pick websites. They have hidden motivations, and will try to trick you into investing in the garbage companies they are touting, before selling their shares and crushing investors.

Avoid those one-man-show websites. If they don't have a full team, they may be some kid in their mom's basement, or a dishonest promoter working from a back closet on a lap top!

Story stocks might make you go broke! Don't get blinded by fundamentally weak companies which have a great story!

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