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We've been picking penny stock winners for a long time - and when we say "winners," we don't mean gains of just 10 or 20%. Check out our track record here.

Supported by a full team of hand-picked individuals, Peter Leeds has the background, resources, and strategies to keep uncovering exciting companies whose prices are about to skyrocket.

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There are little-known techniques that can make the difference between feeble and fantastic returns. You will learn all of these when you subscribe!

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More than 90% of low priced shares are dangerous places to put your money. Our team works behind the scenes to find the sleeper penny stocks the market pros don't know about - and that are ready to post enormous gains!

We equip you for safer investing by covering topics like risk-free investing through paper trading.

We also limit our penny stock picks to the safest exchanges, where you're certain to be able to cash out once you've made a profit. In the same way, we help you stay clear of those fishy markets where it's hard to sell -- (even when your shares are worth a lot more than you paid for them!)

Let Us Guide You

All the penny stock picks include our opinions/views of the best prices at which to buy and sell. We publish a price range buy opinion, as well as both short and long term sell range opinions.

Once we make a penny stock pick, we don't leave you drifting. Our ongoing updates include comments on our past calls. Yes, that's right - continuing updates on earlier penny stocks, which most other services will never do. It's a unique Peter Leeds advantage.

We want you to be part of the Peter Leeds experience. Unlike most services, we have a direct phone number, so we are both accountable and responsive to your needs. Other services have a "fire and forget" mentality.

See for yourself, give us a call. 1.866.695.3337 or 1.866.My.Leeds. We conduct all our business in a professional manner, and provide prompt and courteous service.

We can back up those claims too. Take a look at what our subscribers say about Peter Leeds.

Ongoing Penny Stock Updates

Other services don't offer what we can because, well... they can't. Peter Leeds has the back-up of a full team that makes superior client service a reality.

Peter Leeds lives, breathes, and thrives in the world of penny stocks.

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