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Penny Stocks for Dummies

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Penny Stocks 101 for Beginners

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Gold, Silver, Oil

This is where we discuss our outlook for commodities, like oil and platinum.

Penny Stock Trading Charts

Peter explains the type of trading chart you should use, and what to look for in the share activity.


Facebook IPO

The Facebook IPO was big news worldwide, so Russia Today called Peter Leeds to see if he would agree to be part of their broadcast to Moscow and worldwide. Peter explained how there was too much initial hype surrounding Facebook, and that after an initial spike, the shares would come down pretty hard. As anyone who watched the IPO now knows, Peter was exactly correct!

Major Global and Domestic Events

These massive events around the world will have direct effects on stocks here at home.


Risks, and How To Avoid Them

Most of the pitfalls surrounding penny stocks are easily avoidable.