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Penny Stocks for Dummies

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21 Tips for Trading Penny Stocks

Anyone interested in trading penny stocks absolutley needs to watch these 21 tips!

Platinum to Gold Ratio

Platinum is much more rare, useful, and used that gold, and historically trades at twice the price. Right now however, gold and platinum prices are about the same. There are many stock market investing opportunities because of this discrepancy.

Inflation, Currency, Interest Rates, and the Death of the US Dollar

Our currency is about to lose many tremendous advantages it has had for the last 70 years!

5 Penny Stock Protections

Protect yourself! And invest well in penny stocks by following these 5 tips to success in low-priced shares.

Never Do This in Penny Stocks

There are 2 things that most new penny stock investors do, and you will be best to avoid them at all costs!

The Facebook IPO was big news worldwide, so Russia Today called Peter Leeds to see if he would agree to be part of their broadcast to Moscow and worldwide. Peter explained how there was too much initial hype surrounding Facebook, and that after an initial spike, the shares would come down pretty hard. As anyone who watched the IPO now knows, Peter was exactly correct!

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Trading Tactics

These are the exact tactics Peter Leeds uses in his own trading.