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Major Service Upgrade

by Peter Leeds on January 6th, 2015

The Peter Leeds Penny Stocks service is growing rapidly.  To provide you with the absolute best service, we have expanded our team, and are upgrading to an e-mail only format as of February 1st.

New Subscribers:  You DO NOT need, nor are you given, a User ID and Password.

Subscribers Prior to October, 2014:  You can use your ID and PW until February 1st.  After that, there will be no log in section of the website.

All the enhanced, improved information will be sent to each of you by e-mail.

You will continue to get all the stock picks, buy and sell price opinions, special reports, and more.  Only now, instead of having to log in, the valuable information will be sent directly to you!

Subscribers to Penny Stock Picks by Peter Leeds will also get:

  • more penny stock picks
  • direct e-mails
  • Peter's personal trades
  • advanced tactics and insights
  • picks sent at the best times (rather than by set schedule)
  • greater more involved analysis
  • the benefit of a bigger team

As of February 1st, there will be no more logging in to the site.  We thank you for your wonderful patience and understanding as we grow rapidly.



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