Leeds Analysis

Each of our penny stock picks passes 29 point Leeds Analysis.

This is a blend of fundamental, technical, and third level analysis.

Leeds Analysis is:




Fundamentals reveal the healthiest, and most financially strong, penny stocks.

Technicals spot buying opportunities and undervalued shares which are poised for growth.

Third Level Analysis reviews marketing and branding strategies to assess a penny stock's competitive advantages.

Leeds Analysis for Penny Stocks

How does Peter Leeds continually make exciting penny stock picks that achieve enormous gains?

It all begins with Leeds Analysis, the crucial element in the success of Peter Leeds and his team.

Fundamental Analysis

To determine the health, quality, efficiency, and potential of a penny stock.

Primary Considerations:

Secondary Considerations:

Technical Analysis

To time the purchase and sale of penny stocks for maximum price appreciation.

Third Level Analysis:

To recognize the abilities and efficiencies in their marketing and positioning strategies.

Why This Works with Penny Stocks

Early on, Peter Leeds recognized that successful investing requires a unique blend of both fundamental, technical, and Third Level Analysis(tm).

Using methods of fundamental analysis honed over many years, Peter Leeds discovers value in penny stocks that others can't see.

Our team pours over the financial reports of hundreds of companies to find firms of outstanding quality with superior prospects for long-term growth.

We look for clues about the firm's future earnings trends, its efficiency compared to competitors, and the soundness of its financial structure.

Then, we use both time-honored and innovative methods of technical analysis. Peter Leeds determines when to buy these sleeper penny stocks just as they are poised to soar in price.

We closely examine historical trading action, as revealed both by its trading chart and numerous calculations. Against the backdrop of overall market conditions, we locate the windows of opportunity for maximum price appreciation.

Finally, we apply Third Level Analysis(tm), which is a complicated and unique review of unusual factors specific to that penny stock and it's shares. Third level analysis involves a review of concepts like branding, marketing, differentiation, and product positioning.

This meticulous effort reaps huge rewards. Peter Leeds has an outstanding track record, which demonstrates how good we are at choosing exciting penny stocks which yield enormous gains.

Many Peter Leeds clients have made money buying and selling with our guidance. We can do the same for you - but only if you subscribe!

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