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The following is a partial sampling of media outlets who have interviewed Peter Leeds.

To keep this list manageable, we omitted all radio shows as well as several dozen more media outlets.

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When it comes to penny stocks, top media outlets only trust Peter Leeds. (We tried to limit it to just a few samples)!

Sample Interviews with Peter Leeds

Peter Leeds with Mark J Kohler

Peter Leeds on On The Money with Steve Pomeranz

Peter Leeds on MoneyLife Radio

Peter Leeds Unplugged with the Tycoon Group

Peter Leeds on The Money Answers Show

Peter Leeds on CFAX

Peter Leeds on the Gabe Wisdom show

Peter Leeds on

Peter Leeds StockGoodies Interviews

TV Sample: Peter Leeds on Russia Today, Moscow

Samples of Peter Leeds In Print

Business Excellence Magazine Lead Story (pg. 14 - 23)

Financial Post

Large Cap Stocks to Watch

LHP - Predictions

Expansion (Madrid, Spain - Spanish Version)

US Congress

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

MSN Money

Globe & Mail

Washington Times

Newsworthy Penny Stocks

pennystocksPeter Leeds Interview

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The Peter Leeds Team

penny stock picks

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