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== Recent Penny Stock Picks ==

Penny stock picks released in the last few months are still in play, and therefore reserved for subscribers only. Their names and ticker symbols will not be revealed here.


== 2013 ==


3 picked, average gain of 101% already
Hot Standout >>> ARTX gained 283% so far


4 penny stocks, average gain of 131% thus far
Hot Standout >>> ATHX rose 183% to this point


3 picks, average gain of 198% so far
Hot Standout >>> ALU increased 218%


3 picks, average gain of 81%
Hot Standout >>> SMED gained 115% with further upside to come


4 picked, average gain of 65% to this point
Hot Standout >>> LIOX traded 137% higher already


4 penny stocks, average gain of 168%
Hot Standout >>> HPJ has already gained 650%


4 picks, average gain of 72% so far
Hot Standout >>> INUV gained 126% and quickly!


4 picks, average gain of 19%
Hot Standout >>> RSSS gained as much as 30% with more upside ahead


2 picks, average gain of 62% already
Hot Standout >>> DSS gained 107%


5 picks, average gain of 115% and climbing
Hot Standout >>> EONC gained 365% in a couple months


Hot Standout >>> PRPH gained 59% in a couple months


3 picks, average gain of 73% and climbing
Hot Standout >>> CTEI gained 194% in a couple months

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Superb Accuracy in Penny Stocks

Historically, more than 90% of our buy calls have recorded upside gains.

Several picks post big gains in just a few days!

All of our hot picks must pass rigorous 29-point Leeds Analysis.

Our proprietary method takes the best features of fundamental, technical, and Third Level Analysis(tm), and tailors it to the specific requirements of penny stocks.

Our Hot List continually presents profit-making opportunities. Many result in significant gains and exciting price fluctuations that can expand your profits many times over.

The Leader

Peter Leeds has the best penny stock picks. It is as simple as that.

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How Average Gain is Calculated:

Profile Price: The price of the stock before we issue it as a pick.

Subsequent High: The highest price the stock subsequently traded at.

For each hot penny stock pick, we compare the profile price to the subsequent high, and use that as our percentage gain.

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