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Please take a moment to read some of the letters which subscribers have written to us, and see what their experiences have been like in penny stocks!

Made Over a Million in Penny Stocks

Made Over a Million Dollars in less than a year in the stock market...
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Too Easy to Make Money!

I never knew it was so easy to make money on the stock market. Read what else Anthanasios said... Read More

Doubled His Cash in 3 Days with Penny Stocks!

I am new with your service but I bought one of your recommendations and in three days I have doubled my money. Every week I try to buy one of your choices.

You Got Me Started!

As a 3rd year subscriber I felt it was time to thank you for all the help you have given me in my trading endeavors. In fact...
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Ben Doubled His Money in 2 Weeks with Penny Stocks

I bought NWD... and off it went More from Ben...

Lost Money with Other Penny Stock Sites

I really can't wait to tell you guys, you are doing a great job. I lost some money following other penny stock recommendations sites. Read the rest...

Found You in Barron's

I found your site in today's Barron's article. Your web site looks great and it is always nice to see that someone takes the time to research companies without having a banking relationship at hand.

Yeah! Penny Stocks Rule!

Because of your company, I finally made some money on the stock market. I feel like I'm almost in shock. I am new to investing and have been buying and selling stock for about a year. I have owned about 20 stocks, and lost money on 19 of them. I've had a very consistent investment plan - Buy High and Sell Low. I wonder why my method wasn't working.

Today upon your recommendation, I bought EDT, and the darn thing went up, a lot...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for your company.

Making Plenty of Money in Penny Stocks!

Since I became a member a month and a half ago, the S&P is down 8% and the Nasdaq is down 14%. My purchases based on your stock recommendations are up 29% (thanks in large part to buying USNA at 1.20). You have an excellent service and I am pleased that I took the 3 year membership package.

Penny Stock Profits Going to Charity!

My best stock is HOM, donating a third of those shares for charity at a 314% gain and have decided... Melvin tells more...

Stay Away from Penny Stocks!tfit Collection

Just wanted to say Thanks for the membership, more importantly thanks for you alls time and labor that you all have put into the website... without all the hype... Thanks.

I'm so glad I found your web site I literally went through hundreds of web sites considering the different search engines... Google, Excite, AOL, Dog Pile. More often than not it is hard to find SOMEONE you can trust... with just being honest... You don't know how glad I am to find your site... Especially when I'm TOLD you should stay away from those STOCKS... Do you know anything about what your doing, etc... Just wait is what I say to myself....

Thanks... Thanks... Thanks... I wish I would have found you guys before I sank my money into one of Arthur Andersons clients...(WCOM) WorldCom. Lesson learned... you move on... moved on to Peter Leeds.

You Called It

Although right now I'm just getting the feel of your site without actually investing, in one day I already saw a 30% gain in XYBR. You also called this in an article 3 days ago. All I have to say is WOW! This makes me for the first time feel secure about taking some of your suggestions and investing in your picks. If only I signed up a week earlier. Thanks again and I will be writing to you soon.


I was a little skeptical at first. Then I thought to myself that rich people are rich because they analyze, not criticize. See the full letter from Frank Bradley...

Newbie Nearly Doubles His Cash in 10 Days!

Dear Sirs,
I am a fairly new customer, and bought a subscription for 2 years, and already I am VERY pleased with the result. My first trade was in IDEV at $0.96, which I sold out at $1.70, you can do the math :-) 10 days later. This trade put me in a very nice financial situation for accumulating my new trades, this is a big THANK YOU, I will recommend you to anyone I know. (You are welcome to post this if you like).

Very Impressed

I became a new member on July 11th & signed up for your 1 year subscription. After experiencing the service you provide, I am very impressed. I was also further impressed by the timely responses to my e-mail questions. One of my questions was even answered on a Sunday morning which I never expected. Therefore, I was wondering if somehow I could increase my membership to a 3 year membership by paying the difference?

Give a Man a Fish....

You remind me of the saying "Give a man a fish; feed him for a day (your weekly stock picks). Teach him how to fish; feed him for life." (your willingness to respond to e-mails and your other teaching methods). Just wanted to say "Thanks!"

Kind Words from Sue

I am truly excited about the future potential for our investments.
What else did Sue say?

109% Cash Gain in 3 Months with Penny Stocks

Since starting with aprox. 3 months ago, I had a 109% cash gain to my account, this by following the stocks closely and following (not all) but most of your advices, keep up the good work! Also I realize the gain was made in troubled time for the nasdaq and world wide stock market, so I am impressed.

New Penny Stock Investor Making Profits

First of all I would like to say you are doing a great service to beginning stock investors like me. I have been a member for less than 2 months and using your service I have made some good gains on the market.

Quadrupled His Money in Penny Stocks!

Just would like to say I started with $1000 in my E-TRADE account & I'm over $4000 just a few months later and would have more if I would have just listened to your advice more. I'd like to say "Thanks and keep up the good work!"

More Than Worth It

Your site will more than pay for itself. I've been very impressed with your stock picks once I put them into a portfolio, seeing above 50% gains for the entire portfolio. And with just one stock "losing" and little at that. Very impressive.

Up 140% Today!

You guys have a great knack for finding penny stocks that are financially sound. One stock that you noted, was Tesoro Energy which I recently bought last week. This week, and particularly today, it's up over 140%!

1000% Gain from Penny Stocks!

Since subscribing in June my small portfolio has increased by around 1000% and I did not trade it for two months because of holidays.

88% Overall Return in Penny Stocks

I'm extremely pleased with the research you've done. We're not dealing with fly-by-night Internet stocks here. On all transactions, so far I'm averaging an 88% return. Keep up the good work."

$1,400 to $3,900 in Less Than 4 months

I started out with $1400, at Christmas I had $3900. THANKS! This was done in a 3 1/2 month interval.

One Penny Stock Trade Made 19 Times the Subscription Price

Every cent I spent on the membership is more than worth it. Almost 19 times it's value on just one stock that I played.

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