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Sample Penny Stock Pick

by Peter Leeds

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 People often ask us what our penny stock picks are like.  Here is an example, originally posted to subscribers of Peter Leeds Stock Picks on July 31st.  This penny stock was put through rigorous 29 -point Leeds Analysis, and was indicated to be an excellent investment opportunity.

apt protective suit airline ebola scare suitapt protective suit stock selected

Since it's original profile at $2.13, shares spiked to $10.73!  APT is no longer a buy, based on our recent analysis, but for Peter Leeds subscribers, these shares paid off huge!  To see the newest selections from the Peter Leeds analysis team, simply click here.

We post new opportunities for penny stock investors every week, plus Peter's personal trades, outlook, and tactics.  Every penny stock we pick:

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  • enjoys growing market share, improving financial ratios, and a proven leadership team

Originally Posted July 23rd, 2014.  This is NOT a Peter Leeds Stock Pick right now.


Alpha Pro Tech (APT)
Market:  NYSE
Profile Price:  $2.13

For this or any penny stock you are interested in trading, make sure to read "Rapid Learning in Penny Stocks" - specifically the section on limiting losses.  

Speaking of limiting losses: If you don't know what loss-limits are, you probably will want to know.  Read this for more.  

This is not trading advice, and we do not know whether loss-limits are appropriate for you or not.  Talk to your financial adviser.  For some investors, a loss limit of about 10 to 15% beneath their buy price may be appropriate, meaning that they automatically sell if the shares fall that amount, no matter what.  

Observing loss-limits is effective in maximizing losses to 10 or 15%, while upside gains can be unlimited.

This report is opinion only, for entertainment purposes only, and not a suggestion to trade any specific stock.

Buy Range: $2.05 - $2.20

Short-Term Sell Target: Price opinions are reserved for subscribers, and are intentionally not included here.

Long-Term Sell Target: Price opinions are reserved for subscribers, and are intentionally not included here.


  • Strong cash position
  • Aggressive share buyback support
  • Already profitable company with huge product growth potential

APT - Alpha Pro Tech develops, manufactures and markets a line of protective apparel and infection control products as well as a line of construction weatherization building products for the housing market. The company's products are sold under the "Alpha Pro Tech" brand name as well as private labels.

These products are classified into three business segments:

Protective Apparel: features a complete head-to-toe line of products. These include shoe covers, coveralls, bouffant caps, frocks and lab coats.

Infection Control: Face masks and eye shields.

Building Products: House wrap and synthetic roof underlayment.

The company is headquartered in California, and has manufacturing facilities located in Arizona, Utah and Georgia.

Shares in this NYSE-listed company have traded as low as $1.44 and as high as $2.60 over the past year, with the current quote of $2.11 giving APT a market capitalization of $39.3 million. The stock trades lightly but consistently, with an average of 39,192 shares changing hands daily over the past three months.

The stock began trending up from its recent lows in early November, following the release of blockbuster financials for Q3 2013. At this point in time, the company reported an 18.3% increase in Q3 consolidated sales (driven by a 41% increase for its Building Products segment) and a 118.6% increase in net income, to $905,000, from the $414,000 reported in Q3 2012.

This solid earnings/revenue performance continues to play out. The company most recently reported Q1 net sales at $9.95 million, up 5.4% from Q1 2013's $9.45 million, driven by increases in all three of its business segments. This translated down to net income of $269,000, compared to $15,000 for the quarter which ended March 31, 2013.

The company's balance sheet is also a healthy one, with current assets of $32.6 million easily outweighing current liabilities of $1.4 million.  At the same time, cash and cash equivalents had fallen 40.8%, or $3.4 million, over the past year, driven in that direction by the costs of a stock repurchase plan and extended payment terms provided on building product sales between November and February. With the majority of these receivables having been collectible in April and May, look for the company's cash position to bump up with the release of Q2 financials.

APT's share price should continue to receive support from the company's ongoing share repurchase program. Under the program, the company has announced share purchases on $2 million each in February 2013, September 2013 and May 2014. As of May 27, that left the company with an authorization to buy back $2.1 million worth of shares. According to the announcements, the company intends to retire these shares after repurchase.

In addition to the share repurchases, management itself has demonstrated a relatively healthy commitment to the company through insider investments. Directors and officers are currently long by about $5.5 million on their company shares. This includes chairman and CEO Sheldon Hoffman, who earns a $731,000 salary and owns about $2.25 million worth of shares. President Alexander Milar, who also draws a $731,000 salary, has a $2.8 million stake.

Institutional investors have also apparently gotten wind of this growing company. An overall 8% of APT shares are held by 13 institutions. These include Kenny Capital Management, which owns 3% of the company, and Bridgeway Capital Management and Boston Partners, which each hold 1.48% stakes. The top mutual fund holder is Bobeco Investment Funds-Robeco Boston Partners Long/Short Equity Fund, with a 1.65% stake.

APT offers up the classic example of a company leveraging core competencies and making inroads into several different market sectors. Although primarily known for its medical and sterilized protective clothing products, the company's building products have also provided a significant impetus for growth, elevating APT from the "one-trick-pony" status typical of many penny stocks. This, coupled with solid financials, makes this latest Hot List penny stock pick a bargain at its current price (in our opinion) and offers up the potential for a healthy return on investment going forward.