Penny Stock Pick IsoRay (ISR)

by Peter Leeds on May 21st, 2015

This was our pick last month, IsoRay (ISR).  Congratulations to Peter Leeds subscribers!

Below is the original report in full as originally released:

We'll try to keep it relatively short, but we could go on all day about this one.  IsoRay (ISR) is a biotech penny stock, with lots of cash in the bank, low debt, and some revenue-generating technologies which are saving lives.  

IsoRay (ISR)
Recent Price:  $1.56
Buy Opinion:  1.50 - 1.60
Short Term Sell Opinion:  2.10 - 2.40
Long Term Sell Opinion:  2.50 - 3.50

Here's the lowdown, but then we'll get right into the good stuff.
IsoRay Medical has some proprietary technologies to treat cancers.  What's unique is they have found a method of delivering radioactive chemo therapies internally... at the source.  Their brachytherapies are often used in conjunction with conventional treatments, or on their own.
The target market includes anyone suffering from brain, head, neck, prostate, ocular, lung, and gynecological cancers.  So, in other words, eventually every human being.  Sorry to get dark there, but with the aging of the population, and the advancements in ISR's efficacy, the demographics are tilting the field in IsoRay's favor.
Let us level with you for a minute - there are hundreds of interesting biotech stocks.  Over 90% are losing money as they try to develop their technologies.  The vast majority will be unsuccessful.  We've turned our nose up on hundreds.  
But the difference with ISR, besides the great results they are achieving, is that they are financially rock solid.  Even if they bled cash for the next 5 years, they would still be able to afford doing what they are doing.  
Tip:  Cash Bleed
How much money the company uses in their operations, after taking revenues into account.

$20 million in cash/assets, no debt, and a bleed rate which is both minimal and decreasing, means investors will get to be around for several speculative spikes - even if the company eventually went to zero!  (Do not be alarmed, we do not expect shares to fall.  We are just trying to illustrate a point).
Their lead technology, Celsium-131, is cutting edge.  Almost everyone agrees that cancer treatments will advance, just as they have since the Dark Ages, and this internal radioactive approach is one example of that.
In our mind, the biggest risk to ISR would be some company or Doctor coming up with a flawless, inexpensive cure for cancer.  That would eliminate ISR's customer base pretty quickly.  However, let's hope that happens - you would lose some money on your shares, but everyone would get to live longer.  Some things are more important than your penny stock profits.
More likely, ISR will continue to grow and demonstrate 'proof of concept,' at which point they are sitting ducks to be swallowed up by the massive multi-billion dollar players in the industry.  We aren't just talking about Pfizer and Novartis.  Even a private company, such as Germany's Boeringer Ingelheim, one of the world's 20 largest pharmaceutical corporations, might swallow up ISR, and wouldn't even blink.

Tip:  Takeover
When bigger companies acquire or buy a smaller company for strategic reasons.  Typically, the purchaser pays a price premium to the seller to encourage current shareholders to sell.  This results in the buyer's shares dipping slightly, while the shares of the company being acquired will rise (at least 10%, usually more).
If ISR gets acquired, shareholders will get an instant price-premium profit.  If ISR is not gobbled up, they will continue to do exactly what they are doing, which is great.  They have been holding the line on total revenues, decreasing costs, and their balance sheet just looks sick (meaning good) for any company, ESPECIALLY for a biotech.
Some of the wonderful numbers include:
Loss over the most recent quarterly period of only $900,000
Revenues in the same quarter of $1.07 million
Gross Income loss of only $38,000
Current Assets of $14 million
Total Assets of $25 million
Current Liabilities of $1 million
Total Liabilities of $2 million
$90 million market cap is soo small in an industry full of whales
Forward 12 month P/E is a ridiculously low 23 (with P/E low is better)
Revenues in the last 12 months is over $4 million
Tip:  Financial Ratios
A ratio is simply one number divided by another, in order to provide additional information.  For example, the share price divided by the company's earnings is their price/earnings ratio (P/E).  Financial Ratios allow comparison of companies of all sizes - you could compare IBM to some obscure penny stock, and know which one is stronger based on P/E, or any other ratios you choose.  There are dozens of financial ratios which display a stock's liquidity, activity, leverage, performance, or valuation.

Keep in mind, it is less expensive and less problematic for pharma companies to acquire the smaller businesses which are on to something, than it is for them to develop the technology themselves.  (Not to mention the patents, executive talent, and customer base which comes with the takeover).

Taking a look into Technical Analysis, what was interesting was the trading volume spikes with each price spike over the last year.  This means there are a lot of investors with their eyes on this one, who are just ready to pile in with each report of good news or strong results.  You may want to be involved with the shares of ISR early, in order to benefit with each upcoming price spike.
Penny stocks are risky.  Biotechs are even riskier.  But once in a while the stars align, making the upside potential of the investment even stronger.


This communication, and any comments by Peter Leeds, his company, or his team in any way is NOT intended as financial advice. Published statements are opinions only, and merely disinterested information for entertainment purposes.