1 Major Stock Trading Advantage This Summer

by Peter Leeds on June 23rd, 2015

  • 1 Major Stock Trading Advantage This Summer
  • Name the 1 Time Putin has Backed Down
  • Why Greece Matters + Ends Badly Even with a Deal

1 Major Stock Trading Advantage This Summer

Most investors go away for the summer, or at very least they decrease their level of activity.  You will even see that the number of shares swapping hands is often down over the best-weather months.
Well, just like Warren Buffett suggests, to get a great deal you should buy your snow shovel in the summer, and your BBQ in the winter.  As most people are waterskiing or tanning, there are great profits to be made.  
This is especially true for already thinly-traded penny stocks, because the anemic buying volume often results in shares dipping significantly (on even the smallest sell order).  One small sale can sink the shares for a few minutes, just long enough to give you a great bargain (if your "market order" to buy is already positioned).
You won't be competing with as many other investors, so your low-ball offers are more likely to get filled.
At the same time, the companies are still reporting their progress, financial results, new customers, and operational press releases.  With most events, the shares will move more slowly and less significantly than they might have in February, April, or November.  
In other words, there will be a muted, delayed response to just about every aspect of a company's operations.  For those watching the underlying business closely, you will have an advantage while other traders are away.  By the time they are recovering from their sunburns, you could be in a solid profit position.
In other words, don't discount the summer months simply because few others seem to be around.  Instead, make your moves during the quiet times BECAUSE no one else is around.

Name the 1 Time Putin has Backed Down

Putin has never backed down.  Not publicly, at least.  And like all people on this planet, he will continue to act as he has always acted. 

Our recent commitment to send the Baltic States tanks and howitzers is more posturing.  One extra combat brigade will not alter the outcome of any potential scenario, of which there will not be one.

In the meantime, Russia is consolidating in any way they can in response to questionable sanctions imposed upon them.  Besides deals with China, Greece, and some South American nations, they've also bolstered their Intercontinental Ballistic Missile inventory by 40, which is like adding a rock to a mountain.  And just like the U.S. military equipment sent to Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and others, the ICBMs will never be used (and if I'm wrong, you won't get a chance to call me out on it!)

Why Greece Matters + Ends Badly Even with a Deal

Greece might default = markets go down.  Greece might get a deal = markets go up.  This is a global version of "Buy the Rumour, Sell the Fact" (see Page 14).  
As soon as Greece does in fact get a deal, despite it being good news. the markets might sink.  Just like the shares held up in Sirius and XM satellite radio until the long-awaited merger between the 2 companies... and then the penny stock dove like a Peregrine Falcon.
The market is worried about a Greek default.  Everyone should also be concerned about a potential deal between Greece and the IMF.  As distraction is eliminated, it forces investors to really take a look at the "books," which in the case of Greece are startling.