Peter Leeds Reveals NINE Secrets to Wild Success, and How You Can Apply Them

  • Save Massive Amounts of Time
  • Generate More from Less (Money/Success/Results)
  • Surround Yourself with Purpose, Direction, and Extraordinary Results
About Peter

Peter Leeds has been a paid contributor for Forbes, About.com, and Investopedia. He has also been featured in Business Excellence Magazine, and has had content published on the blog for the Congress of the United States.

Peter is the author of several books, such as the international bestseller, Penny Stocks for Dummies. He has also given interviews to hundreds of outlets, from Manhattan to Moscow, with live audiences sometimes reaching millions of viewers.

Peter led the monthly panel at the prestigious Arch Investment Conferences in New York, and has enjoyed numerous public appearances, including for the third-largest stock exchange in the world (the NYSE American).

Along with his hand-picked team, Peter is the driving force for the world-famous speculative investment newsletter at PeterLeeds.com. With over 50,000 subscriptions sold (lifetime) across six continents, the publication is one of the most-successful of its type (or any type) ever.

Now, through his YouTube channel, Peter helps people understand and thrive in any kind of economic environment.

Table of Contents

The Nine: There are nine UP.THINKS which Peter uses to achieve more, to have more, and to lead a better life. You will benefit from each of them in various and unique ways.

1. Understanding Uncertainty.

Uncertainty is an invisible thing, like stress or guilt. Be aware of your mind, and the minds of others. Opportunities will appear, the more you understand them (and yourself).

2. Work Smart, Not Hard.

The correlation between hard work and great results is (mainly) a myth. YOU can achieve vastly superior results by being purposeful with your actions, and more considered in your approach.

3. Getting Out of the Weeds.

Inane details are incrementally wasting your potential. Through awareness, you will notice how much of your time is being wasted by others, and for their own needs.

4. Buying Capitulation.

Sometimes masses of people strongly do NOT want (or no longer want) something. Trust and know that their feeling is temporary. They do not realize it yet, but once YOU do, you will out-invest, out-negotiate, and out-gain every single one of them.

5. The Issue with Crowded Paths.

When everyone is standing in the same place, you really haven’t gotten anywhere. If you want to make a meaningful difference in your life, you will want to go your own way.

6. The Blank Page Revolution.

All things can be WAY better than they are now. People naturally want to ‘fix’ the old, rather than ‘build’ the new. That is exactly the reason that most of our significant issues in society are no better than they were 5 years ago. Or 50.

7. Mirror Thinking.

Clarify where you want to end up. Learn from people who have already gotten there. EVERYONE will give you direction and opinions. WHO you mimic will make all the difference.

8. Taking Right Actions.

Have you ever wasted significant time and effort, on a task which didn’t provide any positive results? (That was a rhetorical question). Well, stop that! Instead, walk a more rewarding path -the gains you will get as you build your vision might be extreme. Let’s find out!

9. Choosing the Rocky Path.

Life is hard, whether you use it to become stronger, or not. Each difficult step is building your lungs, strengthening your legs, and increasing your power. Why not become the next, superior iteration of you?

Each UP.THINK, which Peter uses to achieve wild successes, is powerful on its own. Once you combine them, you will become stronger and more efficient than you currently believe possible.

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For those looking to up their game and achieve more in life, you will want to read Peter Leeds' book UP.THINKING.

Whether you are pursuing your own business or trying to climb higher in a career, investing in your financial freedom or trying to make a difference in your life, UP.THINKING is a clear cut path that can help provide the sought after results.

With his experience and opinions (and wit), Peter Leeds guides the reader to think about how things could be done differently that will lead to more efficiency and effectiveness in one's life. The nine steps that the book explores demonstrates how to navigate the things we do, or the things we want to do, while cutting out the unnecessary distractions, or sometimes better yet, rebuild what you have, but build it better.

As we all know, life can be hard. Life's abstract uncertainty can be confusing and lead to inertia. However, with UP.THINKING insight we can customize our efforts and intentions to bring on more opportunities leading to a more powerful life. It is a "lessons learned" approach that we all need to hear in order to improve how we work, live, think.

I would recommend the book for those that need a check-in with how they are doing and how it can be done better. With often a more direct take on things, Peter's teachings explain the comprehension needed to get the most out of a situation and turning the ordinary into opportunity, while removing the diversions to get what you want or need.

The writing style avoids manual-like impersonal delivery, and is much more of a conversation with Peter as he offers what he knows with a flare of humour for good measure. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would suggest it for others who want to be on an upward trend.... if that's you, then stop thinking and start UP.THINKING.

Gary O
Hi Peter: I just wanted to let you know I received your book last Thursday! I just started reading it today and I'm hooked! Thanks a million for the note too; that was lovely surprise! I'd also like to mention that I really like the quality of the book as well, the cover, the pages, it's top quality. I'll let you know when I finish! Hope all is well and you're having a fantastic Sunday!
Sincerely, Tony
Upthinking was the best hardcover I've added to my collection in years. I appreciated your personal signature and I believe you have the best intention of your viewers of anyone I've seen. Cheers Peter for being a great man!
Charles B