Peter Leeds 100% Unbiased Guarantee

Peter Leeds guarantees our research is completely impartial.

All employees are prohibited from taking a trading position or having any form of vested interest in any companies selected by us.

We never have any self-serving reason for choosing one company instead of another. Our only goal is to uncover the picks that will most benefit our subscribers.

No scalping!

Scalping is recommending a stock to investors while selling it at the same time. We never engage in this unethical practice.

No kickbacks!

Peter Leeds employees and directors never receive any compensation whatsoever from any stocks we cover.

No penny stock pump and dumps!

Some newsletters hype investments to subscribers. As the penny stock's price peaks, the service stops talking up the shares and dumps them all at a fat profit. After the "pump and dump," the share price collapses and subscribers are left holding the bag.

No tips to friends and family!

The strict rules behind our guarantee of 100% unbiased research also apply to our friends and family members. We never mention the picks to friends, family members, or in fact anyone, until we alert our subscribers. Most other services have loose lips that put your interests dead last.

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