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Until the penny stock picks are ready to be publicly revealed, they are considered "still in play" since they generally enjoy further upside.

Recent Penny Stock Picks

Penny stock picks released in the last few months are still in play, and therefore reserved for subscribers only. Their names and ticker symbols will not be revealed here.
4 picked, average gain of 39% already
Hot Standout >>> ATEC gained 78% so far
3 penny stocks, average gain of 60% thus far
Hot Standout >>> ONCS rose 148% to this point
3 picks, average gain of 96% so far
Hot Standout >>> CDXC increased 172%
3 picks, average gain of 161%
Hot Standout >>> CYRO gained 341% with further upside to come
4 picked, average gain of 35% to this point
Hot Standout >>> SPCB traded 87% higher already
4 penny stocks, average 38% loss
Hot Standout >>> GORO has already gained 29%
3 picks, average gain of 45% so far
Hot Standout >>> APDN gained 118% so far!
4 picks, average gain of 43% so far
Hot Standout >>> AMRS gained 116% and quickly!
2 picks, average early gain of negative 52%
Hot Standout >>> BASI gained 95% early!
4 picks, average gain so far of 30%
Hot Standout >>> TSRI gained 77% and quickly!
3 picks just getting started, average gain of 24%
Hot Standout >>> VRML gained 45% and quickly!
3 picks, average early gain of 14%
Hot Standout >>> ISIG gained 23% and just getting started!

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How Average Gain is Calculated:

Profile Price: The price of the stock before we issue it as a pick.

Subsequent High: The highest price the stock subsequently traded at.

For each hot penny stock pick, we compare the profile price to the subsequent high, and use that as our percentage gain.

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