About Peter Leeds

Peter Leeds is THE authority on sub $5 stocks. Peter and his team publish Peter Leeds Stocks Picks, which includes the top picks uncovered by Peter and his team, along with buy and sell price opinions and thorough analysis, all sent right to your e-mail.

Honesty and Integrity

Leading the industry for over 15 years, and having provided more than 41,000 subscriptions, Peter Leeds is one of the most popular financial personalities in North America.

As the Small Stock Specialist, and an expert on penny stocks and shares trading for less than $5, Peter is frequently contacted by top media organizations like CNNfn, NBC, CBS, and FOX for his comments and views. When mainstream broadcastors and large publications need to speak with an authority, they look for Peter Leeds.

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Rocky Start in Penny Stocks

Peter Leeds started investing at 14, buying a single 14 cent stock that ultimately lost him $3600 on his first trade!

The experience served as motivation to do the research he needed to recoup that loss and develop a strategy for picking successful sub-$5 stocks.

The superb track record of the Peter Leeds team is tied directly to his proprietary Leeds Analysis. Combining the most valuable aspects of both fundamental and technical analysis, Peter Leeds has developed an approach that finds the stars in the penny stock universe.

As Peter has frequently mentioned, it was that rough start which actually motivated him to learn what he needed to know. He has now made that money back hundreds of times over. Now he can show you how to do the same.

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