Common Questions About Small Stocks

I saw something about a log in, or a password?

Our old system used passwords to log in. As of November, 2014, user IDs and Passwords were phased out. You get much better service and numerous advantages with our new, upgraded direct delivery method.

Do you have a free trial?

Due to the value of our information, the significant amount of work from our team, and the instant usability, we reserve the content for subscribers who choose the annual subscription. The cost works out to 55 cents per day, but we only provide our industry-leading, valuable information to those willing to commit for the entire year.

How do I cancel my newsletter subscription?

Just call or e-mail us anytime. 1.866.695.3337 or Once you cancel, you'll never be billed another penny!

If you have any concerns about the service, or there's something we could do better, please just let us know. We're continually improving, and are always dedicated to finding you the best small stock picks!

How do I know I can trust Peter Leeds?

We've been trusted by NBC, CBS, Fox, CNNfn, Barron's, Kiplinger's, the Associated Press, and dozens more media outlets, radio stations, newspapers, and reporters.

We've been trusted by the AMEX (American Stock Exchange) to speak in front of the CEOs of their listed companies. Peter Leeds was trusted to lead the panel at the prestigious invitation-only Arch Investment Conferences in Manhattan.

We've been trusted by over 46,000 subscribers, many of whom found us by word of mouth referrals from friends and family.

You can trust us too.

Hey, if you're at all concerned, just give us a call anytime. ( 1.866.MY.LEEDS ) Or, drop us an e-mail at We'd love to hear from you, and look forward to earning your trust.

Are small stock risky?

Yes. The WRONG shares are very risky. The right ones can be extremely lucrative, but there is always risk.

Actually, we think you should stay away from most penny stocks, because many are not well-run companies, or don't have rock solid balance sheets. That's why you need the Peter Leeds team.

Using Leeds Analysis, we find you the 5% of truly rewarding small stocks that can make a big difference for your life! Low-priced shares which have:

  • proven management teams
  • increasing revenues and market share
  • patented technologies
  • low debt loads
  • strong financial ratios
  • massive upside potential

Only small stocks which pass our demanding 29 point Leeds Analysis make our cut, and then typically rise in value in front of your eyes.

Do you buy and sell the shares for me? Do I trade stocks through you?

We don't provide brokerage services, we are not investment advisors, we do not handle your investments. To trade any kind of stocks, you'll need to get a discount brokerage account (eTrade, Scottrade, Ameritrade, etc...) Getting set up with a broker is simple.

Peter Leeds subscribers generally have, or get, their own broker. They then use that broker to buy and sell the low-priced shares we've revealed to them.

It's simple to set up an account with the broker of your choice, and trade stocks through them.

We've also released our recent Official Discount Broker Rankings Report, which will show you how each broker ranks compared to the rest. This will help you make an informed decision when it comes time to start profiting from our stock picks.

How long have you been in business?

We've been at this since 1996. That's a long time to be in business, and we're looking forward to many more decades to come!

Can I trust other websites and services out there?

We won't comment on any specific services, but will offer you some common-sense guidance:

First and foremost, you absolutely MUST READ this special small stock report.

Don't be fooled by all those "one man shows" out there! They ask for the money up front, don't let you test them first, and don't answer a phone number.

Remember that anyone can set up a web page, and they will say just about anything to snag you as their latest victim. You need to ask yourself:

Why don't they have a phone number?

Why don't they offer a cancel anytime, no hassle subscription?

If they're so good, why haven't they ever had any media coverage?

Protect yourself, first and foremost. When it comes to low-priced stocks, Peter Leeds is the choice. The media knows this, the stock exchanges know this, the industry knows this, and over 40,000+ people who have subscribed know this.

Now you know it too.

How much money do I need to start in small stocks?

Once you're set to begin, you don't need much cash. Many subscribers start with a stake of as low as $100, and then build on that.

You can also learn about paper trading to get started with no money in this infographic we made for you.

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