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Get complete investor clarity. Peter Leeds will show how easy and fun it can be to cash in on stocks.

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The Academy is unlike anything you've ever seen or tried before. This is not your typical online course!

Peter's unique approach to investing well starts with learning well. No one knows more about finding low-priced, high-quality stocks.

You will get to know

  • What investors are thinking at any given moment
  • Which concepts matter and which MUST be ignored
  • The exact style of trading chart you MUST use
  • How to rapidly find and assess winning stocks
  • When and how to cash out

UNDERSTAND and PROFIT from low-priced, high-quality stocks!

Get Complete Clarity

  • understand the way investors are thinking at any moment
  • spot the patterns of trading charts which actually matter
  • see the true price-drivers of any stock
  • look into the financial position of any business
  • see why watching market share can build your bankroll

Master and Profit From

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Psychology of Investors
  • Secrets of Business
  • Bonus! Third Level Analysis (ONLY Peter Teaches This Aspect of Investing)

We estimate that The Academy should be selling for $1,999 at a minimum, and would feel absolutely justified in listing it at that price point.

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Peter Who?

  • Forbes and About.com paid Peter to write for them
  • The world's largest business book publisher (Wiley) approached him to write several books, one of which is an international bestseller
  • Peter's been featured across major media, from Manhattan to Moscow (NBC, CBS, Fox, Time, CNN, and everything in between, on six continents)
  • His online newsletter is the best-selling publication of it's type (by far), with subscribers across six continents, and several dozen countries
  • Peter was approached to lead the panel at the prestigious, invitation-only Arch Investment Conferences in Manhattan
  • US Congress published an article he wrote just for them!
  • Peter's public speaking engagements include the International Money Show, the PDAC Conference, and The American Stock Exchange
  • Most Important: Every member of the team needs to follow Peter's lead, always putting ethics, honesty, and integrity first!
  • No-questions-Asked 14 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Introductory Low Price (Only $369 - You Save $1,630)
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It's All About You

Turn a small amount of money into much more, with the clarity and fun that the Peter Leeds Academy provides!

So It Started Really Badly...

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, but it certainly didn't feel like it!

After losing all my money on my first stock market trade, I was devastated. That gaff was a lot for a brand new investor, and it was a lot for a 14 year old boy!

For the subsequent 25 years, I studied / read / watched / listened / traded, until I had turned my biggest failure into my biggest opportunity. Successes stacked up, and soon enough I understood just about every aspect of stocks, the markets, and investing.

It took me two-and-a-half decades to get here, and now I want to reveal everything I learned to you! The incredible news is that you get ALL that knowledge rapidly within a few hours, in one place, and it's easy and fun!

The Academy is brand new, 100% online, and can be taken at your own pace, as many times as you like. It could easily be sold for $1,999, and even that would be a tremendous deal!

I don't do ANY of this for the money now, which is why we charge a fraction of what we could for any of our offerings, we foot the bill for our special reports, and we never have ads on our videos or websites. No spam or ads, ever. As in ever, ever.

I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I've built an incredible team. In fact, unlike other internet sites / personalities / products, we actually do have a whole team here, and you can call right now and talk to them:


I seriously couldn't be happier with how this work of passion turned out! Eight people came together to build The Academy into the most effective (and easy) course for mastering all aspects of stocks!

I know what it can mean to YOUR life to invest well. Now it's time for you to find out too!


  • No-questions-Asked 14 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Introductory Low Price (Only $369 - You Save $1,630)
  • The Academy more than pays for itself!

Any questions at all?

Just call or e-mail any time you like.



Is The Academy completely online?

Yes. The entire course is online, and accessable from anywhere, at any time.

Can I go through the course more than once?

Yes. You can skip ahead, rewatch sections, jump around in any order... You may take the whole course from start to finish, as many times as you like, or just jump back or ahead to whichever parts you decide.

Is their a time limit to finish the course?

No. The Academy is taken completely at your own pace, and time is unlimited.

Are the concepts the same as those in some of Peter's books, like Penny Stocks for Dummies?

The question itself is like comparing a really expensive car to a private jet. Many of the sections covered are ONLY discussed in The Academy, and several are not even touched on in the books. While there may be some very slight overlap on a few topics, a book could never cover the depth of content we've built for you; videos; on-chart learning; Q&A tests; topic cheat sheets; PDF downloads; links to supportive content sources; several other aspects.

What are "students" of the Academy saying about the course?

They love it! You will love it too. Thus far, 100% of the feedback has been very positive, 0% has been negative.

Are there ANY other costs, or up-selling?

Absolutely not. This is a Peter Leeds production, and unlike everyone you've ever encountered online, he does not do this for the money. There are no other fees after the initial purchase, and no recurring billing. In fact, we estimate that The Academy should be selling for $1,999 at a minimum, and would feel absolutely justified in listing it at that price point.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, The Academy comes with a 14 day, 100% money back guarantee!

What Early Academy Users Say

As of the time of writing this copy, the customer feedback has been 100% positive, and 0% negative!

Peter's views and expertise are mind blowing to me. Being a newbie in this stuff was really intimidating, but knowing y’all have my back is very reassuring. I believe Peters program to be my best opportunity.

Thanks, man you guys are awesome! I wish I had been on board sooner. It’s weird, because I have been scared to death about getting into the stock market, but knowing I have your experience behind me has put me,VERY surprisingly, at ease.


Your teachings are the best that I have ever come across anywhere. I learned so much more about investing after joining The Academy. I can't wait to continue to make money from what we have going on!

Best regards, Thordur

Peter Leeds is really one of the best at what he does. There is not a single trace of 'conflict of interest'... not a trace of pump and dump manipulations.. Basically, the kinda of expert any curious and passionate person might want to learn from!

Besides, the wealth of information given is astonishing,.. speaks volumes of the passionate work by Peter. Cheers.

I love your videos... even the one with the fly... they're informative and they make me laugh. So, I knew it would be good to get your new course and I already signed up for it...

I'm glad to know that you are a little weird too... it makes it easier for me to relate to you and laugh a bit ... I'm my line of work... I don't get too many laughs...

Thanks for your help... thanks for being an honest guy... the world needs more people with integrity...


Peter is a great person to listen to. Pay attention to what he tells you. Peter teaches you how and what to do. He is a good man.

Claude B.

Quite a deal folks, quite a deal!!! You the man Peter!!!

Tony D.

Man am I glad I found this Peter Leeds guy! I haven’t had a lot of time with the Academy yet, but I’m really liking it , so thanks for the hard work!


I'm a first-time trader and I'm looking forward to The Academy so I can learn how to be a player in this game.

Ms. Denise R.

For once I have the opportunity to be on the winning side of thing! I was a financial advisor for 5 years from 1999-2004 and never heard the type of info that Peter gives us - the type of indicators he looks at which are non-traditional. He knows his stuff.

I gotta hand it to ya Peter. More than ever I'm starting to see your vision of what's happening. Between the education on how stocks work in general and how/why the market does what it does, you and your team have been a wealth of information!


Hello I just want thank Peter Leeds first of all for him sharing his knowledge, wisdom and experiences with me. He explains it so well, on a comprehensive level that I can understand coming from limited stock market experience...


Hello Karen and Peter,

Thank you for your rapid and detailed answers to my questions! You have exceeded my expectations. :-)

Sincerely, Dee

I look at your videos and I learn a lot AND they teach me in a great way... I enjoy your teaching style and it makes me laugh to hear the side commentary.

I appreciate you all for all of your help... I really appreciate your integrity.. it's uncommon in society and almost unheard of in the world of investing...


Your passion and dedication to your work in amazing and inspiring. Knowledge and analysis of equity trading probably second to none. Cheers.

This guy is brilliant, honest and credible.

Adiac A.
  • No-questions-Asked 14 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Introductory Low Price (Only $369 - You Save $1,630)
  • The Academy more than pays for itself!