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The Peter Leeds brand is owned and operated by Modern Strategies, Inc.

No company has paid a fee or compensated us for their appearance.


At Peter Leeds, your privacy is important!

We know that you care about how your information is collected, stored, used and shared. We respect each visitor's right to personal privacy.

Cardholder provided Information

Our electronic purchase service provider (Internet Secure) requires that cardholders provide contact information, financial information and ordering information. This information is collected and used to process the transaction. Following a transaction, we reserve the right to contact cardholders by phone or email for security purposes.


We take measures to protect and keep your information secure. Our purchasing area is secured with SSL encryption, and digital certificates have been supplied by Verisign. Whenever sensitive information is transmitted to Internet Secure through our Web site, such as credit card number, our servers provide 128-bit encryption of the information as it travels across the Internet.


This section discusses our business practices and policies, including:

  • You May Cancel Anytime
  • Renewal is Automatic
  • Safe and Secure Ordering
  • Your Personal Data Is Never Sold
  • Concerning Refunds and Cancellations

You May Cancel Anytime

Simply call (1.866.MY.LEEDS) to cancel. From the moment of that contact, your card will never be billed by us again.

Renewal is Automatic

If you do not cancel, your membership will remain active. You will continue to have full, unlimited access to all of the features of our web site. Your card will be billed once a year IF your membership is due to renew at that point, on your billing date, for $199. Each charge extends your subscription by one full year. There are no other hidden fees or charges.

Safe and Secure Ordering

All of our subscriptions are executed through Bean Stream. When you place an order, they encrypt your credit card data and it goes directly to your bank. We don't see your credit card data at all. There's never a chance that we or any other unauthorized party can touch your credit card info.

Your Personal Data Is Never Sold

We will never sell or distribute your personal information. We keep your name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail in our files.

Please note that any written or verbal communications, comments, reviews, or testimonials that you send to Modern Strategies, Inc. or any of its functioning properties is considered the property of Modern Strategies Inc. and may be used or replicated at our discretion.

Concerning Refunds and Cancellations

Our product is information, produced through exhaustive research and analysis. You get all of its value immediately upon viewing it. For that reason, your purchase is non-refundable.

Keep in mind that it sometimes takes several months for our penny stock picks to increase in value. Stock performance is often affected by many factors that we cannot influence.


No company featured through, or the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks service has paid a fee, or otherwise compensated us for their appearance or coverage. is a wholly owned property of, and is operated by, Modern Strategies Inc. The opinions expressed about the stocks and markets on this site or through our services are purely the result of independent research conducted by our staff and are not offers or solicitations to buy or sell the securities mentioned.

All contents of, or the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks service, or related properties, are provided for information purposes only. You agree that opinions provided by Modern Strategies Inc. should not be interpreted as investment advice, as an endorsement of any security, or as an offer to buy or sell any security. We are not a registered broker dealer, or financial advisor. We do not provide personal investment advice. We do not represent ourselves as qualified investment advisors or properly licensed parties. We are a publicly available opinion service that provides general, disinterested information.

Remarks and data comprising, or the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks service, or related properties, are for informational purposes only and are provided without warranty of any kind. In no event will we be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising out of any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on, whether or not caused in whole or part by our negligence.

The trading of securities may not be suitable for all potential users of You should be aware of the risks inherent in the stock market. Past performance does not guarantee or imply future success. You cannot assume that profits or gains will be realized or that any recommendation made by will be profitable.

The purchase of securities discussed by may result in the loss of some or all of any investment made. We recommend that you consult a stockbroker or financial advisor before buying or selling securities, or making any investment decisions. You assume the entire cost and risk of any investing and/or trading you choose to undertake.

Any written or verbal communications, comments, reviews, or testimonials sent to Modern Strategies Inc. or any of its functioning properties is considered property of Modern Strategies Inc. and may be used or replicated at our discretion.

All information provided by is obtained from sources believed to be accurate and reliable. However, due to the number of sources from which information on is obtained, and the inherent hazards of electronic distribution, there may be delays, omissions, or inaccuracies in such information. We do not warrant the accuracy of the information available through this service.

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