Helping You Profit
from Penny Stocks
Even brand new to trading you get all the tools you need to succeed!
Peter Leeds has provided penny stock guidance
to more than 41,109 subscribers!
Helping You Profit
from Penny Stocks
Peter Leeds has provided penny stock guidance to more than 41,109 subscribers!
Even brand new to trading you get all the tools you need to succeed!

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by Peter Leeds

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An explanation of the stock selection newsletter is detailed here.  We explain what we look for with our penny stock analysis, and the 29 point Leeds Analysis system we used to uncover the winners among the tiniest of low-priced shares.

We can explain to you, for free, every step of the way in terms of using Leeds Analysis to find life-changing penny stocks which explode in price. However, we also understand that it takes a great deal of work, and such thorough analysis is not appropriate or possible for everyone to conduct.

Therefore, we offer a service for $200 per year where you get access to:

  • Our top stock selections which we expect will increase in price
  • Full analysis reports
  • Short-term and long-term buy and sell price opinions

You also get to see:

  • Peter's personal holdings
  • Peter's personal trades
  • Penny stock cheat sheet
  • State of the Market addresses

Plus you get a special strategy letter that you're going to love.

So, you can follow our tutorial videos and books to learn how to do all of this yourself, for free.

Or, for only $200 per year, you will get the benefit of all the analysis and expertise of Peter Leeds and his entire team.



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Jamil King - Investment Group of Texas

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When it comes to the best companies to buy, Peter Leeds is the only choice. With a full team, you will be shown opinions on which companies are best, and gain instant access to all the daily updates, full company reports, and buy and sell prices.

In fact, if you want to try any of the numerous, unproven, flash-in-the-pan services, you are truly putting your money at risk. Selecting the best companies is something that Peter Leeds and his team take very seriously, and now you can benefit from all their hard work for an extemely low price!

Peter Leeds and his team are the most well known, most trusted source for investors to learn which shares to buy.

Remember, Peter Leeds and his team have:

Been around for over two decades!

Sold well over 35,000 subscriptions

Been featured across all top media

Remember, Peter Leeds Stock Picks:

Have passed 29 Point Leeds Analysis

Are High Quality Companies

Are Our Best Picks Ready to Increase in price

Each of our penny stock trading picks has passed Leeds Analysis and is much more likely to multiply in value in the short term.

The best picks to buy are the ones profiled by Peter Leeds!

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