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  • Our top low-priced stock picks
    trade alerts of the best high-quality, low-priced stock picks
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    full analysis of each top pick, derived from several dozen hours of work into many thousands of small stocks
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    Peter's personal trades, complete holdings, and frequent insights
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    we suggest exact short term and long term trading prices

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We put thousands of small stocks through Leeds Analysis, and reveal those that we expect to significantly increase in price. Our subscribers have their own discount broker, which they use to trade the shares in these high quality companies!

My team works very hard to analyze and review thousands of shares trading on the stock market, and those companies which make it to our third level short list are put through rigorous and demanding Leeds Analysis.

I know that you will give yourself this massive advantage. Let us prove ourselves to you - we look very forward to helping you benefit!

You Get:

  • updates on low-priced, high-quality stocks
  • new small stock picks
  • buy and sell price opinions
  • special insights and trading tactics
  • Peter's personal trades

As a free gift to you, you get Pennies to Fortunes (Rapid learning in Penny Stocks), by Peter Leeds, a $29.50 value!