Peter's Message

Dear Friend,

I wouldn't go near most of the sub-$5 stocks that are out there. I estimate that 95% are not worth investing in, and many of those are absolutely dangerous!

However, I would get involved in cash-rich companies with low debt loads, rock solid fundamentals, and a clear growth plan.

Those are the type of stocks we pick for the Peter Leeds subscribers.

If you buy shares in them now while they're depressed or still small, sub-$5 stocks like that can reward you very handsomely.

In fact, speculative shares can appreciate in value so strongly that they just might turn a small investment into a small fortune!

Read on. Let me show you how I can help with investing in shares which are trading for less than $5.

Top Companies

I'm going to introduce you to some of these high quality stocks. My team and I do all the hard work. If you want to see our top, high quality picks, just subscribe and you will get it all!

Many people want to get into exciting, low-priced shares, but are afraid because they are often unsafe investments.

True, penny stock investments are risky, but they can also be well worth it if you're able to pick the right ones.

An investment of just $500 can quickly turn into $5000. The secret to making quick profits is by discovering the right low-priced shares before the rest of the world catches on.

Peter Leeds is the Small Stock Specialist

We put thousands of shares through Leeds Analysis. The result is the elimination of the 95% that don't make our cut.

The remaining 5% are the best stocks trading at less than $5, generally with:

  • proven management teams
  • growing revenues
  • low debt loads
  • expanding market share
  • encouraging technical analysis indicators
  • massive upside potential

We then watch these stocks on an ongoing basis, and reveal these to you only when Leeds Analysis shows that their price is about to soar.

Our Hot List stock picks often surge 100%, 300%, as much as 500% in just a few months, even weeks!

Our Team

Doing this right requires a lot of expertise, people, and resources. We are the only penny stock service with a full team. Only the Peter Leeds team has the resources to discover those exciting shares positioned for enormous gains.

We have the know-how and the experience, and our results prove it.

Peter Leeds has the most subscribers (by far), having sold over 41,000 subscriptions.

That's not surprising, when we keep finding opportunities like USNA, BXG, and IGLD just as they are to ready skyrocket! If an investment makes someone $8,000, they probably want to tell a few people about it!

Life-Changing Sub-$5 Stock Picks

Take DCSR, for example. We revealed this exciting company to subscribers when it was at $0.38. It quickly soared toward $10!

We kept our eyes on IGLD for more than a year before we saw the timing was perfect for a big jump. In less than two months, the price went from $1.15 to over $4.

How about ILNK, BETM, and AMCM? All were priced below $0.25 when we told members about them, and all doubled within days.

Then there's exciting picks like BXG. It surged from 24 cents to $5.75...

I could keep going on like this, so why not just view our results and see for yourself.

The Hard Work

Finding the right investments just as they're about to explode takes a tremendous amount of work.

It requires time and resources that most people simply don't have. It takes The Small Stock Specialist, along with his team and decades of experience, to see the potential that others miss.

And we wouldn't have done our job if we just gave you a few picks. We tell you our opinions on the best buy and sell prices, and update you on our past selections.

If you need more help, just email us for a speedy and thoughtful response, or call us at 1.866.MY.LEEDS / 1.866.695.3337.

Special Offer

We do our best to get results, and we've made great picks again and again. That's why our most effective advertising is word of mouth from current subscribers.

Let us help you make huge gains in stocks which trade for less than $5. You can get started for only 55 cents a day!

If you aren't blown away by all that the service offers, just cancel at any time, and never pay a single cent more.

You will be thrilled with your Peter Leeds subscription, just like thousands of others.

Your membership also gives you "Pennies to Fortunes," an e-book full of tips, strategies, and tactics from Peter Leeds.

What Penny Stocks Do For You

I love to uncover great undervalued investments. Even more, I love hearing from subscribers that our opinion made them money.

We can give you our best, impartial stock opinions right now. You simply need to sign up!

You'll benefit from all the research of our professional team. You'll enjoy all the advantages that our proprietary Leeds Analysis delivers.

I hope you use this opportunity to get started with Peter Leeds . I'll make every effort to ensure your experience as a subscriber is both profitable and exciting!

Peter Leeds, The Small Stock Specialist

P.S. I've done my best to persuade you. The decision to benefit is now yours. Consider what I've said, consider all we have to offer. This is an exciting, rewarding opportunity - don't pass it by! Remember, we are the leader for many good reasons!

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