Rapidly Closing Window of Opportunity...

by Peter Leeds on September 28th, 2016

There is a window of opportunity, but it is rapidly closing. Specifically, you have until the election on November 8 to profit from some of the pre-election moves which are being set up right now.

A few days ago, we released our latest video about which stocks will do well underneath a Democratic Presidential leadership, compared to those which will soar based on a Republican winning the White House. There is a huge, "Buy the rumor, sell the fact" set-up establishing itself, while most people are distracted by the polls, the debates, and Kim Kardashian.   Simply put, almost everyone has taken their eyes off the ball.

I've also given our outlook for how we expect the Presidential election to play out. While the race has tightened up significantly since then, we're still anticipating the same final result.

Many of these opportunities which are being set up are due to the fact that most stocks are in a holding pattern. There is so much uncertainty in the markets right now, most of it driven by the undecided Presidential election campaign.  As well, some is being caused by mixed interest rate messages from the Federal Reserve, sporadic and unprovoked terrorist attacks, and a general concern about the actual health of the overall economy [as Peter explains in this video].

The stock picks which we are currently making for subscribers to PeterLeeds.com are designed to profit in spite of, and in many cases because of, all of this unique uncertainty.  They are also designed to insulate you from economic, political, and military shocks, while preserving your wealth as the purchasing power of the American dollar gets aggressively driven down.

In our special alert to PeterLeeds.com subscribers (click here if you want to be one of them for $199) sent out yesterday, we referred to the old stock market saying, "when there's blood in the streets, there are profits to be made. "  Well, there is not a tremendous amount of blood in the streets right now, but there is a significant level of mainly blood-free chaos which is frightening investors, and conspiring to push asset values lower.

While this on first glance may seem to imply bargains, in combination with the unjustified and surprising strength of the markets over the last few months, there are many investments which are significantly overpriced right now. This means that if you are looking to enrich your wealth through some of these once-in-a-lifetime bargains, you need to make sure that you're selecting the right ones.

This is not a fire sale where throwing darts will lead you towards heavily undervalued stocks.  At the same time, this is not an overheated market saturated with risks and landmines. It is somewhere in between the two… which is where my team and I come in.

The way to play a tumultuous and uncertain market like we are currently experiencing, which is exacerbated by the distraction of the Federal Election, and the domestic chaos centering around debatable (on a case by case basis) police tactics like those that we have seen in Charlotte and California for example, requires an incredibly specific approach.  Out of a lot of negativity, positive things can grow.

Many stocks will perform extremely well, whether or not you get involved with profiting from them.  Said another way, the price increases will not wait - if the shares are moving higher, they will do so with or without you.

The domestic policing issues, and the Federal Election, will always be greatly more significant than trying to turn a buck.  However, using all the current uncertainty to enhance your situation represents a unique opportunity - one which does not imply any individual beliefs.

For example, my sister is a police officer, and a very good one.  I also think there is a problem with the state of policing right now which MUST be addressed.

Also, even if you don't care who wins the Federal election, or you do care a great deal, there is no shame in making a profit even if your candidate loses.  Many people have such strong views that they are focusing on those opinions in a vacuum... and subsequently overlooking some massive opportunities.

The point of this entire article is that you are on the clock.  You can take some actions right now to set yourself up to benefit from the current state of affairs... or let this unique, once-in-a-lifetime set up pass by.  

There is NOTHING wrong with doing nothing.  However, the individuals with less debt and driving the nice cars a little while from now, will almost certainly be the ones who took action.

Our opinion of the best way for you to separate yourself from the pack, is to get some inexpensive guidance from someone who has made a very incredible living by being mostly right about this investment stuff!  No one is right every time, but 3 houses with no mortgage implies that I personally get it correct quite often.

In fact, getting involved with very high-quality companies trading at very low-prices is a wonderful (and fun) recipe for building wealth.  The path which will work for you revolves around Peter Leeds and his team - and not binary options, "hot" stocks, or staring at a computer screen while day-trading for tiny gains and losses.

To learn more about profiting from penny stocks, you can watch some of the numerous tutorial videos we made special for you.  When you are ready to turn a buck (or many thousand), you can join the 41,109 individuals who have already subscribed to PeterLeeds.com.

(P.S.  the fact that our penny stock picks typically help you preserve your wealth, while growing it into something that actually matters, is just a bonus.  Insulate yourself from the economic troubles to come, while watching your small investment amount grow into something much more impressive)!